Windermere Real Estate

Located in orange county Florida, Windermere is regarded as a luxury and celebrity town. Windermere has shown a quick rise in population according to the 2010 census. Since the incident involving Tiger Woods in 2009, Windermere has increased in popularity. There are many celebrities like Tiger and Shaq who live in and around the town. Real estate in Windermere, Florida is in demand since people learned about the various celebrities who live here.

Golf Communities Windermere Florida has become one from the places where people enjoy their holidays. A lot of the celebrities are said to be members in the golf communities in Florida. Windermere real estate has grown by 150% since the introduction of these golf courses. With the introduction of good traffic regulations, excellent schools, and amenities, many people have migrated to this area to lead a peaceful life. A lot of people from nearby towns have moved. As said earlier, Windermere Florida Real Estate has achieved new sky highs with the good deeds done by the local governance and celebrities.

Windermere golf and country club continues to be one of the loveliest places where golf could be played. Jemsek Golf course has been established as the good golf communities Windermere Florida has produced. Jemsek golf course has top class standard that is at par with golf courses located anywhere in the United States. The club was renovated to the tune of 3.5 million dollars providing a fresh look to the country club.

Windermere real estate is expected to increase in the next 5 years. With plenty of celebrities purchasing properties within the town and enjoying holidays playing golf in the communities there, the real estate in Windermere Florida is said to remain steady. With no pollution, less traffic and fresh air Windermere can attract a number of people in the future.

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