Lake Nona Real Estate

In today’s market, everyone is looking to fulfill their dream of living a lavish lifestyle. With the recent flood of foreclosures that dream home can now become a reality. Owning such a home can very easily increase your status in society. When it comes to finding luxury Orlando real estate Lake Nona is the place to look.


The community of Lake Nona is filled with exciting amenities including golf courses and they even have a ballet school. Lake Nona offers multi-million dollar lakefront estates as well as town homes. Lake Nona experienced a enormous expansion to its housing market during the early 2000’s when Central Florida grew in popularity. During this time, majority of the homes were purchased as investment properties leading to the huge increase in the amount of foreclosures and bank homes on the market.

The properties in Lake Nona are furnished well and have a multitude of accessories that one would have never dreamed of. This alone makes the properties a worthwhile investment. The prestige’s properties and settings are a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase a property that ordinarily would not be affordable. Now you can have the wine with a beer budget.


For those buyers who have been holding out, now is your opportunity to live in a luxurious home at an affordable price. For additional information on real estate in Lake Nona, please contact Realty and Company International, LLC